Volodymyr Serdiuk

Володимир Сердюк
Volodymyr Serdiuk


Place & date of birth: 16.08.1956, Storojinets town, Chernivtsi region, Ukraine
High school education: School №1, in the town of Storojinets 1963-1973
University education: Chernivtsi State University 1985-1991
Kyiv National University of Theatre, Film and TV, named after Ivan Karpenko-Karyi 1995-1998
Specializations: English Language & Literature, Film & Theatre, Playwriting, Journalism
Last position: Photo Department Editor-in-Chief, Ukrainian National News Agency UKRINFORM
Translated from English to Ukrainian for the request of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture:
HEADSTATE by Irvine Walsh, VIEWERS CANNOT SEE THIS by Jean Marsain (both staged in Ukraine), KAREENA by Michael Springate later developed in the feature film ACTS OF IMAGINATION, 2006, Vancouver, B.C., CANADA
The Author of: 4 Novels - ARS MURIENDI, REDISCOVERY, CHARTEA FIDEL, DUSK FOR TWO (with Natalia Shakhray), 17 Plays, 4 Film Scripts, more than a hundred Short-Stories
University Textbook Author: ETHICS OF JOURNALISM (with Professor Valery Ivanov) 2007, Kyiv, Ukraine
Literary Awards: Koronazia Slova – 2002 - BLOOD SAMPLE - the 4-th Best Ukrainian Film Script of the Year, Koronazia Slova – 2004 - PENSION AFFAIRS the 2-nd Best Ukrainian Play of the Year, Open Night – 2007 - DAMN Short Movie - one of the five Screenwriting Competition Winners of the Year 2007, The European Theatre Convention - play NURSE among the Best European plays of the year 2010.