The film “Peace and Tranquility” won a Leonid Kanter Award at the 10th Kinosaray film festival

10th Kinosaray Film Festival
17 August 2022

The film by Myroslava Klochko and Anatoliy Tatarenko, based on a play by Ukrainian playwright Andrii Bondarenko, received a special award named after film director Leonid Kanter, who was one of the founders of the film festival, Detektor Media reports.

Due to the war, the organizers of the local event at the Obyrok farmstead in the Chernihiv Region moved the festival to Kyiv. Film screenings and other events took place at SKVO SPACE, the Venetian Island and Kino42 in Kyiv from July 28 to July 31.

According to the wording of the jury, the film "Peace and Tranquility" was awarded "for passion and fire." Its authors "with fire and passion investigate the issue of self-identification and search for the level of influence of genetics and experience on the formation of a person."

We would like to add that the play "Peace and Tranquility" was written by Andrii Bondarenko in the first weeks after the large-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine started. The play was translated into English by John Farndon. You can get acquainted with an excerpt of the play on our platform Ukrainian Drama Translations.

The play was created thanks to the support of Noah Birksted-Breen and the London theatre company Sputnik. It has already been performed in English, Finnish, and Slovak in London, Helsinki, Vienna, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and a number of other cities in the United States and Europe. The film "Peace and Tranquility" by Myroslava Klochko and Anatoly Taranenko was presented at Sheffield Doc Festival, UK.