Borsch. Ricetta di sopravvivenza della mia bisnonna

Orignal title: Борщ. Рецепт виживання моєї прабабці, 2022Translator: Yuliia Kovalchuk, Italiano

The play "Borsch" is a story based on real experiences. The play consists of three novellas, all
characters are people from one village in the Kyiv region, who had to live under occupation for about
two months. This story is set during the first weeks of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the
Russian in February and March of 2022.
All three stories, even considering the scary realities, are still full of hope and faith in a brighter
Why "Borshch"? The theme of cooking a Ukrainian national dish called "borscht" runs through all the
novels in a separate line, which is what unites them. Borscht is a symbol of home, comfort, traditions
and indomitability.

wartime drama, 1 Act3 M, 3 F, 0 kids
37 pages / 7562 words

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