28 серпня 2023
A collection of modern Ukrainian plays, edited by Molly Flynn, has recently been released by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC. Ukrainian New Drama After the Euromaidan Revolution brings together significant literary works from the country's post-Revolution period, introducing numerous
4 серпня 2023
In a celebration of literary excellence that bridges cultures and fosters cross-cultural understanding, the Ukrainian Institute London has unveiled the recipient of this year's prestigious Ukrainian Literature in Translation Prize. Daisy Gibbons, a dedicated translator with a
30 червня 2023
Ship. Bridge. Body, presented by Theatre of Playwrights, is a deeply evocative and thought-provoking production that delves into the incomprehensible nature of the russian war of aggression on Ukraine. With an impressive collaborative effort from Julia Gonchar, Alina Rashko
20 травня 2023
On May 27, 2023, the Polish Theatre in Warsaw will host a captivating performative reading of Oksana Savchenko's play, "The Night will Cover the Morning." This event preludes the highly anticipated premiere of the book "The Insect," a collaborative effort between three cultural
6 травня 2023
Voices Festival Productions and the Arts Club of Washington have come together again, this time after a year of their successful partnership, to present an impactful event titled "UKRAINIANS UNDER SIEGE, YEAR II: Five New Ukrainian One-Acts From the War." These one-acts have been
3 травня 2023
CITY X - FRAGMENTS OF A WAR (UA), an audio guide by Gernot Grünewald with texts by Luda Tymoshenko and Maryna Smilianets (translated into German by Lydia Nagel) will premiere at Schauspiel Stuttgart on May 6, 2023. The topic of war has become increasingly relevant in Europe since