Kateryna Penkova

Катерина Пенькова

Graduated the Kyiv State Academy of Pop and Circus Arts with a degree in Conversational Actress.

Finalist of the I, II, III laboratory of drama of NSTDU. Member of the laboratory of the Molodyi Theater "Young Playwright" and I and II school of Fast Drama Post Play Theater.

Laureate of the First Prize of the International Literary Competition "Coronation of the word" (2012)

Repeated participant of shortlists of Drama.ua festivals and Week of current play.

Participant of the festival of young drama "Lyubimovka" (short list of 2020 with the text "I do not remember the name")

One of the 6 winners of the Ukrainian Institute drama competition is the Ukrainian Institute within the framework of “Transmission.ua: drama on the move. Germany "with the text" Pork "(2020).

Member of the artistic council of the Theater of Playwrights.


"Home in Ukraine", National Center for Theater Arts. Lesya Kurbasa, a play written as part of the International Organization for Migration's project on migrants in Ukraine (2012, directed by Anatoliy Cherkov).

"South and East" in the framework of the Toloka Festival co-authored with Maxim Kurochkin and Anastasia Kosodiy (2020, directed by Alexander Zhugan)

"I do not remember the title", Chernihiv Regional Youth Theater (2020, directed by Volodymyr Surai)

"History of a family that lost hope, fighting roosters and wayward women" (2021) co-authored with Lena Lyagushonkova, Kharkiv State Academic Puppet Theater (directed by Oksana Dmitrieva).

The topics touches on in texts are mostly the challenges of today: the war with Russia - since it was considered only a conflict in the east and in the Crimea; violence and harassment, identity formation; in particular, social and political differences that women experience in their lives, postcolonialism, climate change, advocacy of cultural independence…