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"Fragments and Puzzles" is a text that appeared after February 24, 2022. After that day, finally the foundations of the...
Drama, 5 Acts1 M, 4 F
3313 words / 7 pages
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– Mommy, I am a little Hitler – Sleep, honey, I am your Motherland! «Let's start from the very beginning or perhaps the...
Psychedelic drama, 1 Act1 M, 1 F
3721 words / 15 pages
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Cats refugees. The "Cat Club" welcomes refugees. Cats and kittens who lost their homes due to the Great Tribulation live...
Comedy, 1 Act2 M, 2 F
4269 words / 21 pages
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The play "Borsch" is a story based on real experiences. The play consists of three novellas, all characters are people...
wartime drama, 1 Act3 M, 3 F
7562 words / 37 pages
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Internet conversations of four teenagers from Irpin in the first days and weeks of the war. A story about how children...
Drama, short stories, 1 Act2 M, 2 F
1984 words / 8 pages
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This play is based on interviews with people from different regions of Ukraine. These are stories of workers who are...
documentary monodrama, 1 Act3 M, 3 F
9855 words / 16 pages
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A gripping story based on a dream seen by the author. The main character is making his way to a mysterious building...
Postdrama, 13 Acts
6 M, 1 F
3971 words / 13 pages
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A documentary about the Ukrainian children going through the first weeks of war after February. A play commissioned by a...
Documentary artistic text, 1 Act1 F
2328 words / 5 pages