Documentary Premiere: "Donezk.UA" Debuts at TD Berlin

4 July 2024

Berlin, 04.07.2024, 20:00 – TD Berlin will host the premiere of "Donezk.UA," a poignant documentary project created by Kateryna Penkova and directed by German director Andreas Merz.

"Donezk.UA" reconstructs the vibrant and complex history of Donetsk through the narratives of young residents who experienced significant events, such as Beyoncé's concert in Donetsk and the Donbass Arena adorned with Ukrainian flags. The documentary paints a vivid picture of Donetsk, likening it to a "Dubai on coals," capturing its essence as a city teeming with youth, students, and a unique industrial landscape.

The performance showcases Donetsk's creative and technical energy, and the resilience of its smart, strong, and extraordinary people. Penkova elaborates, "We tried to go further and not only tell about the city and how bitterly we live without it now... after two waves of forced displacement during the 10 years of war. With our performance, we try to give the German audience a sense of involvement and responsibility. For example, we project a pseudo-referendum for the creation of an East German People's Republic for the audience, and our troll Putin comes to the fraternal German people with 'help'. Today we will see how successful we were."

The documentary features an impressive team. The documentary features an impressive team led by Andreas Merz, who directed and conceived the project. The text is written by Kateryna Penkova, with scenography crafted by Artem Mokrynets and Anna Gavryliuk. Research and video contributions come from Den Kushnarov and Alexander Finkenwirth, while Leritta Treshchova handled additional video work. Kateryna Goncharova contributed as an artist, with music design by Zoryana Dybovska and sound design by Mykola Lebed. The cast includes Kateryna Goncharova, Zoriana Dybovska, Alina Kostyukova, Valeria Treshchova, and Martin Schnippa. Elizaveta Mamon and Andrii Shenk served as assistant directors and translators, with Shenk also providing translation work. The production was managed by Sina Kisling, and Nora Gorse acted as the press officer.

The project is funded by the Senate Administration for Culture and Social Cohesion Berlin and the Fond Performing. As the Berlin audience gathers tonight, they will witness a moving portrayal of Donetsk's past and present, a testament to the enduring spirit of its people.