Dramaten.Doc in Sweden provides a voice for playwrights in war-affected areas

24 May 2024

On June 4, 2024, Dramaten will present the Swedish premiere of "I Am OK" by a Ukrainian playwright Nina Zakhozhenko.

The play tells the story of four Ukrainian teenagers whose ordinary lives - filled with school, TikTok, quarrels, love, and skipping classes - are abruptly disrupted by a full-scale war. As it descends, they struggle to make sense of their new reality, holding on to each other and the fragments of their former peaceful lives. Faced with enemy bombs, the threat of occupation, and the necessity of leaving their homeland, they are forced to grow up quickly and make tough decisions.

"I Am OK" explores their conversations, their messages to each other, and how they cope with life in a war-torn world. It examines how they learn to value life and those around them anew, and how they rekindle their love for a city under siege.

The play will be performed in Swedish, with Ukrainian translations available upon request.