The UK premiere of The Trumpeter, a new solo play from Ukraine

26 May 2024

The UK debut of "The Trumpeter" by Inna Goncharova, a new solo play from Ukraine, translated by John Farndon and featuring Kristin Milward, known for her success in Neda Nezhdana's "Pussycat in Memory of Darkness," will commence at the Finborough Theatre for a limited four-week run.

Set beneath the Azovstal steelworks during the Mariupol siege in Spring 2022, Ukraine’s 36th Marine Brigade struggles under relentless Russian artillery. The play follows the trumpeter, sole survivor of the brigade's brass band, as he shares darkness with two comrades. Amid constant shelling, he seeks to create harmony in chaos, attempting to compose a symphony of war. Based on true events, Inna Goncharova's play bears witness to Russia’s devastating Mariupol assault, exploring the enduring power of art during conflict.

Kristin Milward’s acclaimed solo performance in another Ukrainian play at Finborough Theatre, "Pussycat in Memory of Darkness" by Neda Nezhdana, originally seen in 2022 and revived by popular demand in 2023, garnered extensive critical praise. It was nominated for 'Best Play' and 'Best Lead Performance in A Play' at the OffWestEnd Awards. Notably, it became the first foreign production to perform in Ukraine post-invasion and has been staged internationally in Germany, Portugal, the USA, and revisited Ukraine on a second occasion.