The Fall of the Red Army

Orignal title: Поразка червоної армії, 2021Translator: Anna Halas, English

The monoplay recounts the journey of a woman who has always viewed herself as a plain, unremarkable mouse. Despite not feeling attractive, she dedicates herself to academics and excels in nuclear physics. However, fate intervenes with unexpected twists: a scholarship to Scotland introduces her to a kilted lord and a transformative red dress.

Red dresses soon become symbolic of her newfound confidence and allure. Embracing a life of freedom and numerous romances, she eventually confronts the hollowness of this existence. Seeking self-discovery, she turns to a therapist to shed her dependency on the red color that has both shielded and ensnared her. The climax arrives with a poignant encounter with another 'grey mouse' - the wife of one of her pursuits. 

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