Orignal title: Уламки і пазли, 2022Translator: John Freedman, Natalia Bratus, English

"Fragments and Puzzles" is a text that appeared after February 24, 2022. After that day, finally the foundations of the world we preserved after the Second World War fell apart. This world has collapsed

into small pieces, like a jug that had cracked for a long time, but it still held. It

the final collapse of Russia's old imperial and postcolonial constructs and approval

subjectivity of Ukraine. The text contains shabby and broken fragments of memories and situations that suddenly emerge from memory and become triggers. The current reality of war is always was and existed in the recesses of consciousness that "so it may be." Unspoken and unpunished evil

imperial and Soviet systems bore fruit. Now is the time to call evil and evil punish him. Performative ritual fiction or play is a symbolic attempt to compose particles of old myths into new narratives and give them new optics.

A play commissioned by a grant from Philip Arnoult's Center for International Theater Development (U.S.)


Drama, 5 Acts1 M, 4 F
7 pages / 3313 words