l’évangile selon lucifer

Orignal title: Є в ангелів – від лукавого, 2002Translator: Maxime Deschanet, Français

Psychological mystery in 1 Act about the life of a woman caught in historical events. Time frame: 1918-1945. Place: Central Ukraine, a concentration camp for political prisoners in Vorkuta.

Sophia was meeting with three men in her youth: Marco, Lucas and Ivan, and that is exactly why she has no idea who is the real father of her son Matthew. Lucas was a village doctor, a “psycho healer”. Marco and Ivan were the Sich riflemen. Matthew joined the UPA (the Ukrainian Insurgent Army). Carving charms – little angels – out of the wood earned him a nickname Angel. One of these charms turned into a curse for Sophia – she was taken to the concentration camp for “bringing up the enemy of the people”. One of her fellow prisoners happens to be Mathew’s fiancee. She tells Sophia that her son Mathew is killed in action. Does it mean that Mathew’s gift of carving wood came not from the God but from the devil?

A deeply psychological drama of a Ukrainian woman caught in a whirlwind of historical events.

Anna Bagriana. L’Évangile selon Lucifer. // DE TCHERNOBYL À LA CRIMÉE (anthologie dramatique ukrainienne). - «L’Espace d’un Instant». – Paris. – 528 p.

Mystery, 9 Acts, 4 M, 10 F
14 pages / 2883 words

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