Orignal title: ЗАГУБЛЕНІ В ТУМАНІ, 2018Translator: John Farndon, English

A house of a mysterious family in a world lost in the mist. No one knows where the bombs are coming from or who is shooting, or what comes bearing gifts or death… A plane is downed and a man goes out, searching for the pilot who fell down from the skies. And that pilot suddenly turns up in his house and happens to be the one who the man of the house had grown up with and loved the most… Who are they to each other now? Are they the enemies? And what happens to the world when the mist goes away?


Prizewinner at the international literary competition “Crowning of the word”. Prizewinner at Eurodrama reading contest (Lisbon, Portugal). Within framework of DramPost project (Chernivtsi), staged at the National Academy of Managerial Staff or Culture and Arts.

Publication: Anthology “Other drama”. Printed by:Svit znan”, project of Les Kurbas National Center of Theater Arts. K.: 2019.

Fantasy drama, 1 Act1 M, 3 F
28 pages / 8933 words

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