MAïDAN Inferno

Orignal title: MAIDAN INFERNO, або ПОТОЙБІЧ ПЕКЛА, 2014Translator: Estelle Delavennat, Christophe Feutrier , Tetiana Syrotchuk , Français

The play based on a story of two youths separated by the Bloody Saturday resonates with the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, albeit the other way around – a contemporary girl is looking for her beloved one who is lost between the life and death, as hell has risen to the surface and is drawing humans into its fiery spiral. The play unfolds in several realities – true and virtual. The first one is about the heroes of the Maidan: a student of philology, a mountain climber, a musician, a security guard, a journalist, a nurse and a cleric. The second one depicts the inner reality of the main characters. The third one is a theatrical Facebook. This play is an attempt to comprehend the events in Ukraine, for the Maidan is not just a revolution – it is an indicator of changes in the consciousness of the entire world.

Stage readings in Kyiv (Ukraine); readings in French at the Europe Theatre Festival in MEO in Paris, Cannes, Montpelier, Besançon and other places all over France; readings in English by Between Us (New York, NY, USA). Staged in Lyon (Collapse theatre, Festival “Étranges étrangers”), Mariupol (Donetsk Regional Theatre), Dnipro (joint French-Ukrainian production — Dramicom theatre and Collapse, Lyon) and Charleville-Mézières (France).

Publication: Anthology “Maidan. Before and after”. Printed by: “Svit znan”, project of Les Kurbas National Center of Theater Arts. K.: 2016.

Maïdan Inferno. Traduction en français d’Estelle Delavennat. Espace d’un Instant. Paris, 2016.

Mystery, 2 Acts4 M, 3 F
51 pages / 20014 words

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