The Northern Lights

Orignal title: Північне Сяйво, 2008Translator: Maxim Grekhovodov, English

– Mommy, I am a little Hitler

– Sleep, honey, I am your Motherland!

«Let's start from the very beginning or perhaps the end. Picture a vast fantastic world which could be everything you could imagine it to be. But the great loneliness came to rule here. The throne where once reigned Love is now taken by Loneliness, in what used to be such a beautiful place. Now imagine that this world is inside of you, imagine that it exists inside of the child, and that this child is you. No matter how old you are - a child wants to play and not to care about a thing. Can you imagine this? Now imagine that this child is your baby. And He is growing...

Circles under my eyes. I come to meet the dawn… I’m talking with the same as I… 

My eternal companion - the brain, soaked in modernity and stamps of history…»

The play was translated for the presentation of Ukrainian authors at one of the most influential festivals in Europe and Germany "Heidelberger Stuckemarkt" (Heidelberg, Germany) in 2017
The play won the grand prize at the 4th international competition of playwrights "Belarus free theatre" Minsk, Belarus, 2009


Psychedelic drama, 1 Act1 M, 1 F
15 pages / 3721 words

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