Orignal title: Сестра милосердна, 1997Translator: Volodymyr Serdiuk, English

"NURSE" by Volodymyr Serdiuk. Two elderly men are in hospital. One of them – Bearded, is a film director, the other one – Bald, is a nuclear physicist. Both live in wheelchairs and have a common deadly disease – cancer. They both gradually faint from terrible pain. Those two men have been waiting for their death for a long time, but it does not come. These old chaps are infinitely lonely. Even their children do not pay visits to them. They seem have been dead for other people long time ago. The only human being who has not forgotten about them is their nurse Laura. Finally, these two made a plan to show their gratitude to her in their way.

Originally written in English, the play was translated into Ukrainian.

Published by the Les Kurbas Centre, Kyiv

Comedy, 2 Acts2 M, 1 F, 1 kids
41 pages / 10367 words

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