Our ResponsAbility

Orignal title: Збіг обставин, 2022Translator: Olga Drobotai, John Freedman, English

This play is based on interviews with people from different regions of Ukraine. These are stories of workers who are critical to Ukraine’s infrastructure, who stayed at their jobs and risked their lives, continuing to work.

These are 6 stories - personal experiences of people who have something to tell:
A young girl who worked in a store, who’s grandfather died in her arms after a rocket hit the store (Volnovakha city); a rescuer who pulled his son out from under the rubble (Mariupol); a surgeon who worked under shelling without light and heating (Chernihiv); a train conductor who evacuated thousands of people from front-line cities (Kramatorsk); a journalist who secretly works in occupied Kherson; a teacher who takes care of wounded soldiers (Dnipro). All these stories are real evidence of the war in Ukraine.

They are telling the truth verbatim. The heroes of these stories do not complain about life, but think about their personal responsibility for what has happened. People shared their thoughts and emotions through interviews. The emphasis is not on how people suffer, but on how and for what they fight for.

documentary monodrama, 1 Act3 M, 3 F, 0 kids
16 pages / 9855 words

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