Over the Hills and Far Away

Orignal title: За горами, за долами, 2021Translator: Anna Halas, English

The country is engulfed in war. In the basement of an old house, four different people find shelter. Each of them suffers in their own way because of the atrocities of the war: an old man Rod; a young girl Lada; Morena, a woman with a baby, grieving over the loss of her family; a drug addict Sever. They spend some time together in the basement, but later realize that the only way to survive is to flee to a distant country where Rod's brother lives. Along the way, each of them learns a lot about others and about themselves. Morena realizes that her baby has died with her other children and is losing the last straw that kept her in this world. For the first time in his life, Siver feels what love is, and sacrifices himself to give a chance to his beloved girl. Rod, who lost his wife and son many years ago, helps the newborn baby survive, thus fulfilling his mission on the earth. Lada is faced with a difficult moral dilemma when she learns that she is pregnant after being raped during the war. She wants to get rid of the child as soon as possible, as it embodies all the horrors of war that she had to go through. After the death of Rod, who took care of the newborn, Lada was forced to take on the role of the child's guardian. Lada and her child are the only ones who achieve the goal of the trip. A woman who tried her best to get rid of the child who was the embodiment of war and violence for her eventually accepts him and finds the strength to become his mother.

wartime drama, 1 Act, 2 M, 2 F

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