Sily Mykola

Orignal title: Дурний Микола, 2018Translator: Evgeniy Markovskiy, English

Christina and Vasyok are thirty years old, they studied together at the university and were going to get married a long time ago. However, one case crossed everything out. Eleven years later, Vasyok decides to bring Christina back and embarks on a dangerous adventure that divides their lives into two realities - real and imaginary, in which they can finally get lost or find each other.

Only 2 pages have been translated so far due to the absence of funding for full translationThe author picked an episode that might catch the attention of the theatres and facilitate further translation.

The play has won two drama fests  (Topical Play Week and Drama UA) and one screenplay contest (Space pitching).

love story, Tragicomedy, 1 Act, 2 M, 1 F, 1 kids

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