Orignal title: Дорожный товарищ, 2017Translator: Keren Klimovsky, English

The play is comprised of 3 stories told by each of the 3 teenage protagonists, the inhabitants of a small, provincial Swedish town. The three accounts – monologues with dialogue flashbacks – revolve around the murder of the narrators' classmate. 

In fact, there is only one story with three different takes on it, three different point of views. Only in the very end do we come to realize that the protagonists are unreliable narrators, for neither of them knows or understands the full, entire story. It is not by accident that the play's plot takes on and resonates with the original “Travelling Companion” - a relatively unknown fairy tale by H.C. Andersen. 

The protagonists relive the fairy tale’s text and its roles ironically, playing out a bad parody of the text. The play tells us about how we subconsciously choose our own life scenarios and then make them happen, and this is why we should be more than critical towards the archetypes that seem to dangle and dazzle us…

And, of course, the play is also about the vicious cycle of violence, about the contagious nature of cruelty, and about how easy it is to slip. It is about how everything is tied together, how we all are tied to each other, and the results of any action may be unpredictable and bring upon a tragedy.  

Exploring the relevant social issues of today – class, xenophobia, homophobia – the play remains intensely personal and psychological.


teen thriller, 2 Acts5 M, 3 F
33 pages / 15349 words

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