Orignal title: Тунелекопальна машина, 2021Translator: Evgeniy Markovskiy, English

A woman finds herself in a critical situation. She is diagnosed with cancer and goes reflecting on her life. She has been nurturing the lust for life and the will to be strong since childhood. Now she likens herself as a digging machine trapped in a collapsed tunnel. Images and memories motivate her to keep living and fighting. Life split into before and after. Understanding that the life before means an active civil position, freedom and European values, as well as strong motivation to foster personal growth and creativity, give her strength to fight the disease. Healthy family relationship prove to be of ultimate importance and she learns to appreciate it. What matters the most in the association with the tunnel digging machine is that its drilling bits are pointing ahead – the only true path.

Drama, 1 Act, 1 M, 3 F
15 pages / 5459 words

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