Wait for me... and love me

Orignal title: І мене чекай… і мене люби, 2014Translator: Anna Halas, Olena Puhachova, English

After Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity (2013-2014) the artificial intelligence without moral features decided to put the world in order. However love thwarts…
Content: How Maidan (2013-2014) and war changed Ukrainians.
The play was included in the long lists of the Badenweiler Drama Competition 2016 (Badenweiler, Germany, 2016) and the VIII International Contemporary Drama Competition "Free Theater", nomination "play on socio-political theme" (London, UK, 2016 ).

Family drama, love story, fantastic realism, 11 Acts4 M, 3 F
28 pages / 14924 words

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