Iryna Harets

Ірина Гарець

Iryna Harets is a distinguished playwright, writer, screenwriter, theatre director, and psychologist. Recognized as a finalist and laureate in various Ukrainian and international drama and literary competitions, she has made significant contributions to the arts. Iryna heads the "Theater of Modern Dialogue" in Poltava and serves as a trainer in courses on "Civic Competence", "Creation of Social Theatre", "Non-formal Education for Children and Adults", and "Creative Thinking".

As an author and curator of numerous social projects, Iryna founded a Ukrainian Library of Modern Drama, UkrDramaHub, and curates the annual Drama Competition “July Honey.” She is also a co-founder and the current director of “The Theatre of Playwrights” in Kyiv. For her outstanding achievements in theatre and social initiatives, Iryna was nominated for the Women in Arts 2021 Award in the category "Women in Theatre."