Orignal title: Горизонт 200, 2018Translator: Lydia Nagel, Deutsch

The heroes are stuck in the mine after the explosion waiting for rescue. One might think that they are the humanity that has stopped considering its achievements. This play is not so much about miners as about each of us in extraordinary circumstances. About our ability to see and unwillingness to look around. How wide or narrow can our personal horizon of perception be when we choose to ask or not ask questions? The action takes place in a place without time, where the physical laws do not work. The circumstances in which the heroes find themselves are an occasion for us to stop for a moment, take a breath, and see the next horizon to continue the movement. The play is based on documentary material collected during expeditions to the coal mining regions.

postdocdrama, 2 Acts5 M, 5 F
91 pages / 23846 words

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