Orignal title: Я хочу зупинитися, 2022Translator: John Freedman, Natalia Bratus, English

The text "I Want to Stop" by Natalia Blok, translated by John Freedman with Natalia Bratus, follows the journey of the protagonist, Natalka, and her dog Athena, as they flee their home in Kyiv after the full-scale war between Ukraine and Russia started on February 24, 2022. They go through various locations, including a basement, a synagogue, Ternopil, a pension, a Warsaw hostel, and a Warsaw apartment, seeking safety and stability. Each location presents its own challenges and hardships, such as cold temperatures, lack of basic necessities, and cramped living conditions. Natalka and Athena experience fear, uncertainty, and longing for their home throughout their journey, as they search for a place where they can find peace and a sense of belonging. The text captures the struggles and emotions of refugees forced to leave their homes.

documentary drama, 1 Act 2 F
7 pages / 4710 words

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