Orignal title: Екологічна балада, 2015Translator: Lydia Nagel, Deutsch

Mykola, a folk master of the Hutsul region, becomes disabled as a result of an accident under a timber truck. Ivan Omelyanovych, the owner of an illegal business and the head of the ecology department, offers help to Mykola and his mother with cancer, but the boy does not accept it. Mykola is waiting for his friend Stepan to return from the war. Stepan's sister Alina, with whom Nikolai is in love, works for Ivan Omelyanovich and suffers various humiliations. Namishka also often comes to Mykola, who, despite rumors that she is a witch, trusts his mother and intends to marry Mykola. The play ends with Stepan's sudden return. Due to the great storm caused by the magic lake, an ecological catastrophe occurs. There are also socialist-realist grotesque lumberjacks in the play, who sing their songs and cut down the forest.

Drama, 1 Act6 M, 3 F

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