Orignal title: Поцілунок Монро, 2014Translator: Irina Lappo, Polski

Olga Annenko's Monroe's Kiss is a poignant and thought-provoking exploration of the final hours of one of America's most enigmatic icons, Marilyn Monroe. This contemporary play delves into the myriad theories surrounding Monroe's untimely death, offering a nuanced portrayal that is both intimate and speculative.

The narrative unfolds with a blend of realism and surrealism, capturing Monroe's vulnerability, charisma, and the haunting pressures of her stardom. Annenko skillfully navigates through Monroe's psychological landscape, presenting her not merely as a victim of circumstance but as a complex individual caught in the throes of fame and personal turmoil. The play’s dialogue is sharp and reflective, allowing the audience to see glimpses of Monroe's inner thoughts and the external forces that may have contributed to her demise.

Annenko’s script does not shy away from the conspiracy theories that have long surrounded Monroe’s death. Instead, it embraces the mystery, reflecting the sealed documents that won't be revealed until 2062. This choice leaves the audience in a state of contemplation, much like the public has been for decades. The play’s ambiguous ending serves as a reminder of the unresolved nature of Monroe’s story and the countless what-ifs that continue to linger.

Monroe's Kiss is a compelling tribute to Marilyn Monroe, presenting a layered and empathetic portrait of a woman whose life and death remain shrouded in mystery. Annenko’s vision is both a homage and a speculative piece that invites the audience to question and reflect, much like Monroe's enduring legacy itself.


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