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Translated to: Polski
First-person story of personal problems with a boyfriend against the background of the outbreak of war.
Drama1 F
981 words / 4 pages
Translated to: Polski
Tetiana, a migrant, is coming to a so-called “republic” in March 2020 after 6 years of being away to check on her sick...
Absurd, 1 Act1 M, 3 F
4578 words / 19 pages
Translated to: Polski
In this poignant play, we explore the life of a single father caught in a suffocating web of deceit. Desperation drives...
10 pages
Translated to: Polski
The play begins with the European Football Championship. The border with Poland, which is crossed daily by a cigarette...
Tragicomedy, 2 Acts7 M, 7 F
12655 words / 61 pages
Translated to: Polski
Five songs of Polissya Luda Tymoshenko The play consists of five short stories connected by one area - northern Polissia...
history drama, social drama, Drama, 1 Act5 M, 8 F, 1 K
8940 words / 34 pages
Translated to: Polski
Massive exposure to SKK – a virus that makes human skin attain a “khaki” shade. The infected skin acquires a distinct...
fantastic realism, 1 Act
1 F
17 pages
Translated to: Polski
Inna, the female protagonist, has her birthday. She lives in Kyiv and her parents who live in another city come to visit...
free-flowing poetic thriller, Postdrama, 1 Act4 M, 4 F
3150 words / 23 pages