Orignal title: Умовні знаки, 2022Translator: John Freedman, Natalia Bratus, English

Signs of the Times by Liudmyla Tymoshenko, translated by John Freedman with Natalia Bratus. It describes a series of events involving the theft of a cat named Margosha and reflects on the absurdity and loss of accountability in society. The author recounts the story of Granny Maria, a neighbour who had several cats, and how they would occasionally disappear due to various causes. However, when Margosha, belonging to the author's friend Katya Penkova, is stolen by two individuals named Aleksandr Kasianenko and Anastasiia, the situation becomes more serious...

Monologue, Documentary artistic text, 1 Act 1 F
1 pages / 608 words

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Author - Liudmyla Tymoshenko: [email protected]

Translator - John Freedman with Natalia Bratus: [email protected]