Ta cholerna gorzka prawda

Orignal title: Ця бісова гірка правда, 2020Translator: Irina Lappo, Polski

In this poignant play, we explore the life of a single father caught in a suffocating web of deceit. Desperation drives him to record a raw and unfiltered video message, where he unveils his life's trials and tribulations—from his earliest childhood memories to the intricate paper cranes his daughter lovingly folds. This heartfelt narrative is a quest for redemption, as he hopes that by exposing his deepest truths, he can stave off his impending personal catastrophe and restore his daughter's dwindling faith in him. This emotional journey invites the audience to witness a man's courageous attempt to reclaim his integrity and mend the bonds of trust with his beloved child.

Drama0 M

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