Zimmer Nummer 7

Orignal title: Палата N7, 2018Translator: Lydia Nagel, Deutsch

2018 – No. 2 play at the First National Radiorama Contest

2019 – premiered on the national radio channel “Culture” 

2020 – the play was chosen to represent Ukraine at the readings festival Next Stage Europe (Potsdam, Germany)


Julia, a resident of Donetsk Region, is heavily wounded at the time of shelling that happened during the advancement of the Ukrainian army. The hospital is overcrowded. She finds herself on a cot next to Roman, a wounded Ukrainian commander of an artillery unit. Both are suffering from similar injuries that caused temporary loss of vision. They perceive the events in the country in a different manner, so they squabble at first, then make peace, trying to find some common ground and finally seek to help each other. Eventually, it becomes clear that Julia sustained her wounds from a shot made by the unit under the command of Roman, even though the latter swore he had never made a shot at the civilians. Julia is shocked and attempts a suicide. Roman does everything to save the girl and bring her back to life.

Drama, love story, 7 Acts4 M, 2 F
19 pages / 4622 words

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