Dmytro Ternovyi

Дмитро Терновий
foto Dmytro Ternovyi


Dmytro Ternovyi is a playwright, librettist, screenwriter, actor, and theatre manager known for his diverse creative talents. Born in 1969 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, he earned his degree from the Philology Department's Russian language division at Karazin National University.  After a decade-long career in journalism with leading Ukrainian regional and national media, Dmytro transitioned to creative PR consulting. His contributions were instrumental in launching several renowned national brands. In 2007, he co-founded Theatre na Zhukah in Kharkiv alongside his wife, Olha Ternova. As the driving force behind the theatre, he has cultivated a vibrant cultural institution.

In 2011, Dmytro launched the educational initiative "Theatrical Window to Europe", inviting distinguished representatives from European theatrical schools to Ukraine. This program has enriched Ukrainian theatrical institutes through workshops and collaborations. Since 2010, Dmytro has been acclaimed for his compelling plays and stage adaptations. More recently, he has ventured into writing librettos and screenplays. His artistic achievements have been celebrated with awards at national and international drama contests.

2012 – Winner of the East-European drama competition “Talk about frontiers. Living in the age of changes – 2012” with the play “Detalizatsiya”.

2016 – Winner of the National Literature Contest “Kalmius-2016” in the drama category with the play “39 or the Apocalypse Bus”.

2018 – Second place at the National Radiorama Contest with the radio play “Ward No. 7”.

2020 – Selected as a participant from Ukraine in Next Stage Europe Germany, showcasing the radio play “Ward No. 7”.

2020 – Second place in the “Drama and scripts for children” category at the Korniychuk Award, the largest national children’s literature contest, with the play “Butterfly’s Wing”.

2021 – Winner of the international literature contest “Coronation of the Word” in the “Plays” category with the play “Hamlet. Show, or Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Alive”.

2021 – Special award recipient at the international literature contest “Coronation of the Word” for the best opera libretto, honored for the rock opera “Taras Bulba”.

2020 – Organizer of Ukraine’s inaugural contest for librettists, with subsequent publications and stagings in Austria, Germany, France, Poland, and Ukraine.