Czech premiere of Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings

23 March 2023

On March 29th, 2023, the Palacky University Art Center in Olomouc (Czech Republic) will host a reading of Ukrainian plays titled 'The Dictionary Emotions at the Time of War.' The reading will be directed by Peter Páluš and will feature five contemporary Ukrainian plays. This event is part of the Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings project, which was initiated in February 2022 by John Freedman in collaboration with Maxim Kurochkin and the Kyiv Playwrights Theatre. To date, the project has yielded 128 plays written by Ukrainian playwrights, with 253 translations into various languages and over 300 readings in 30 countries.

The Czech translations of the plays for the upcoming reading were created by students of the Department of Slavic Studies at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, under the guidance of Martina Pálušová. The works to be read include Igor Bilyts, The Russian Soldier; Elena Astaseva, A Dictionary of Emotions I & II; Vitaliy Chenskiy, Robinson; Maksym Kurochkin, Relocation.