Daisy Gibbons Awarded the Literature in Translation Prize by Ukrainian Institute London

4 August 2023

In a celebration of literary excellence that bridges cultures and fosters cross-cultural understanding, the Ukrainian Institute London has unveiled the recipient of this year's prestigious Ukrainian Literature in Translation Prize. Daisy Gibbons, a dedicated translator with a profound commitment to bringing Ukrainian voices to the global stage, has been honored for her exceptional translation efforts. The award-winning translations include poignant extracts from Artem Chekh's wartime diaries and a compelling play titled "Pilates Time," authored by Olha Matsiupa.

The Ukrainian Literature in Translation Prize is a testament to the power of language and storytelling to transcend borders, offering readers an opportunity to delve into the vibrant narratives of Ukrainian literature. Through her skillful translation work, Daisy Gibbons has opened a window into the intimate experiences and perspectives of individuals who have been both eyewitnesses and creators of history.

Upon learning of her win, Daisy Gibbons expressed her heartfelt joy and gratitude, stating, "I'm so pleased that my translations are liked enough to have won an award. But what would please me more is to see additional literature by Ukrainian female playwrights, by Chekh and frontline soldiers, making it into English print soon." 

Gibbons went on to reflect on the broader significance of translating Ukrainian literature. She noted, "So much of our knowledge about Ukraine is informed by work by foreigners about Ukraine, or by Ukrainians for a foreign audience. If we want to speak with Ukrainians on their own terms, we should read work originally written for Ukrainians, which can let us read through Ukrainian eyes (if with English-translation glasses)." 

The Ukrainian Institute London, through initiatives like the Literature in Translation Prize, stands as a beacon of cultural exchange and collaboration. By recognizing the invaluable contributions of translators like Daisy Gibbons, who dedicate their efforts to bridging linguistic and cultural gaps, the Institute plays a vital role in enriching the global literary landscape.

For those interested in exploring the transformative power of translated Ukrainian literature, drama in particular, more information about the Ukrainian Literature in Translation Prize can be found on the Ukrainian Institute London's official website: https://ukrainianinstitute.org.uk/ukrainian-literature-in-translation-prize-2022/