Ship. Bridge. Body: Unveiling the Impact of War at the Dresden Art Centre

30 June 2023

Ship. Bridge. Body, presented by Theatre of Playwrights, is a deeply evocative and thought-provoking production that delves into the incomprehensible nature of the russian war of aggression on Ukraine. With an impressive collaborative effort from Julia Gonchar, Alina Rashko, Anastasiia Seheda, based on the texts by Liudmyla Tymoshenko, Oksana Savchenko, Julia Gonchar, and directed by Roza Sarkisian, this performance explores themes of war, resilience, and the human body.

The premiere on June 28, 2023, at the Dresden Art Centre captivated the audience with its fragmented narrative and powerful imagery. The performance consists of scenes and chaotic moments, skillfully enacted by Nadiya Alunova, Serzh Avdey, Olena Avdieva, Serhij Bazhenov, Olena Bohdan, Dudu Dudunia, Elena Francalanci, Sergiy Glybin, Iride Hasanova, Maryna Ianina, Alona Kowalenko, and Martina Lisa. Their performances evoke a wide range of emotions, depicting the consequences of war, the resilience of the human spirit, and the shattered dreams of individuals caught in the midst of unprovoked agression.

Ship. Bridge. Body utilizes various artistic elements, including video projections, powerful musical performances, and physical movements, to create a collage that reflects the experiences of Ukrainian artists who have been displaced by the war. It is a poignant reminder that reality can often be harsher and more complex than any written text.

Throughout 60 minutes, the performance maintains a captivating hold on the audience's attention. Moments of intensity, including trance-like drumming and raw vocal performances, are juxtaposed with moments of despair and suffering portrayed by contorted bodies. The collision of dance and disorganized movements creates a visually striking and emotionally charged atmosphere.

In this collage of emotions and fragmented narratives, Ship. Bridge. Body invites the audience to contemplate the impact of war, the human condition, and the power of art in the face of adversity. It serves as a testament to the strength and creativity of Ukrainian artists, reminding us that reality can be both devastating and resilient beyond any written description.