The world premiere of Not All Dictators in Melbourne, Australia

15 March 2023

La Mama and Creative Collaborations presented the world premiere of Not All Dictators on February 15, 2023, in Melbourne, Australia. Written by Tiffany Barton, Natalka Blok, and Kate Smurthwaite, and directed by Helen Doig, this gurlesque play examines men in power and women at war.

Starring Victoria Haslam, Melina Wylie, and Pru Daniel, the play centers on the three witches of Macputin, who are transgressive, angry, and seeking revenge. Spurned by the patriarchy and horrified by the war in Ukraine, the witches call upon their collective rage and perverse witchcraft to overthrow the tyrant Macputin.

Not All Dictators is a thrilling blend of Shakespeare, burlesque, war narrative, comedy, and witchcraft. With an electronic music score featuring Peaches, Pussy Riot, and Ukrainian all-girl punk band Death Pill, as well as cutting-edge multimedia, this production promises to be a thought-provoking and entertaining commentary on toxic patriarchy.