Orignal title: BLACKOUT? MAKE LOVE!, 2022Translator: Volodymyr Serdiuk, English


"Blackout? Make Love" by Volodymyr Serdiuk is a captivating piece that serves both as a libretto for a musical or rock opera and as a standalone play. The story revolves around six individuals who find themselves trapped on a bus that has come to a sudden halt due to an announced air raid alert, signalling the imminent threat of Russian missile strikes on Ukraine. As per regulations, public transport is required to cease operations during such alerts and evacuate passengers to ensure their safety. However, reality often deviates from expectations, and in this case, the passengers defiantly refuse to disembark. Filled with the hope that the danger will pass, they cling to the possibility of reaching their intended destinations unscathed. Within the confines of the bus, a diverse mix of generations is assembled, including the young, the elderly, and those in their middle age. Each individual brings their unique traits, knowledge, and perspectives to the tense situation. What unites them all is the shared experience of their country being invaded by a neighbouring state. And what makes each of them unique, you will discover from the play itself.

The libretto of the musical, 2 Acts3 M, 3 F, 2 kids
42 pages / 10829 words

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Volodymyr Serdiuk, author of the text originally written in English - [email protected]