Orignal title: Лисиця темна як світла ніч, 2019Translator: John Farndon, English

Story of a man fleeing the Donbas in an attempt to start his life anew in a foreign land. Haunted by the war traumas, he finds himself facing some really grand existential challenges – the kind that he is thoroughly unable to handle satisfactorily. One day his monotonous and uneventful life comes to a sudden end as he meets a strangely exotic girl. A lone young man, he can’t help falling in love with the one who appears to be as lonely and estranged as he is. But this love does not solve his problems as it had first seemed. On the ontrary, it brings him face to face against the reality he has been running from.

Drama, 1 Act1 M, 1 F
18 pages / 8519 words

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