Once Upon a Time in Ukraine

Orignal title: Одного Разу в Україні, 2024Translator: Alex Borovenskiy, English

A story that desperately wants to be told, Ukrainian journey in retrospect.
Four Ukrainians: Sasha, Masha, Dasha and Vitalina found themselves stuck in a place they can't get out of. They cannot remember what brought them there. Trying to understand what the place is they go down the memory lane, visiting the refugee train, small town in, let's say, Germany, Ukrainian city in the West of the country and more. Their memory always brings them back to where it's all started. The city at the Sea. And when they finally remember...
"Once Upon a Time in Ukraine" brings you a series of recognizable situations, moments that'll make you smile, chuckle, sigh or turn away. Moments you'll see yourself in. Moments you can't get out of. Or can you?..

Documentary artistic text, road movie, Tragicomedy, 7 Acts 4 F, 1 kids, Crowd
22 pages / 7401 words

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