W drobiazgach

Orignal title: Деталізація, 2012Translator: Marcin Szczyciński, Polski

Austria, 2013 – a separate book (Hohe Auflösung). Published by the organizing committee of the drama competition “Talk about frontiers. Living in the age of changes” (German)

Germany, 2014 – magazine “Theater Today” (Theater heute) No. 8, 9 (August-September) (German)

Ukraine, 2016 – “Detalizatsiya in the Dnipro magazine (published by the editor’s office) and the modern drama collection “Maidan: before and after” (published by the Les Kurbas National Center of Theater Arts)

Poland, 2017 – the Ha!Art magazine printed a fragment of the play (Polish)

 France, 2019 – published in the modern Ukrainian drama collection “From Chornobyl to Crimea” (French) by l'Espace d'un instant

2012 – winner of the drama competition “Talk about frontiers. Living in the age of changes” 

2013-2014 – readings in Austria and Germany

2014 – staging in Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (Germany)

2017 – staging in Theatre na Zhukah (Ukraine)

2018 – staging in En Detaile (Paris, France)


Written in 2012, the play foresaw the events that happened at the Maidan a year later.
Olena lives behind the tightly shut shades in an apartment overlooking the Maidan where the popular uprising begins. But she cannot escape the wheel of history. Olena is drawn into a chain of crazy events, some funny and absurd, others deeply tragic, which cause her to abandon the non-interference position and ultimately lose her life saving people in the squareThe main plot line contains the scenes where dishes, office folder, seals, a handgun and cobblestones come to life, depicting the social environment  that has given birth to the Maidan.

The play comprises of 7 scenes, each written in a genre of its own (tragicomedy, tragifarce, drama of the absurd, documentary drama, etc.). 

Tragicomedy, Absurd, Drama, 7 Acts3 M, 2 F
46 pages / 13607 words

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