Lena Kudaieva

Олена Кудаєва
Lena Kudaieva portrait


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Ukrdramahub: https://ukrdramahub.org.ua/lyena-kudayeva

Lena Kudaieva was born in 1977 in Donetsk. She lived quietly in independent Ukraine until the war began with Russia in 2014. She eventually settled in Kramatorsk and embarked on a new life, receiving a master's degree in psychology in 2020.
She attended an intensive documentary theatre course by Andriy May in February 2021 and wrote her first dramatic text 6,5, a production of which premiered September 4, 2021, at the Kulish Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater in Kherson. She was selected for the DRAMLABNEO Week drama laboratory supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, bringing about her first creative dramatic text Diary of an Excellent Student, which was long-listed at the VIII Drama.UA Play Contest in 2021.
In October 2022, two of her plays (Insect and One Day) were shortlisted for the July Honey Festival of contemporary Ukrainian drama. In November 2022, her texts One Day and Bad Year were shortlisted at the 13th Contemporary Play Week drama competition.