Yevhen Markovskyy

Євген Марковський

Yevhen Markovskyy (true name – Lyashenko). Born on 6 May 1974 in Kherson (Ukraine).

1998 — graduated from the Kherson National University (teacher of the Russian language and foreign literature).

Author of a series of poems and short stories.

1996 — co-founder of the “Vulyk”(Beehive) – a Literary Club that published 2 collections written by its members during the 4 years of its existence.

2009 — joined the Vs. Meyerhold Center (Kherson, Ukraine).

Author of a number of documentary plays (“verbatim”): “Kherson is...”, “Kosmozg”, “Unlocking the Door”. Actor and director of the Center. Translated “The Mother” (by Mark Ravenhill) and “Seven Jewish Children” (by Caryl Churchill) into Ukrainian and Russian.

2011 — joined the program of the British Council and the Royal Court (London). Wrote his first play (Cuntsuffering) that same year.

2012 — that same play, albeit under the name of “Disposable Cups”, was presented on the camera stage of the Chornyi Kvadrat theatre (Kyiv) (directed by Arkadiy Nepytalyuk).

Winter 2012 — finished “The Party” play. In the autumn of that same year, under the name of “Revolution can wait?”, it finished No. 3 at the festival in Lviv.

“The Party” was presented on the small stage of the Ivan Franko Drama Theatre (Kyiv) that same autumn.

March 2013 — staging of “Cuntsuffering” (now titled “Twatted”) in the Royal Court theatre.

Prizewinner at the Art-Kyiv Contemporary (2011, “Kill the fag”).