Orignal title: Трубач, 2022Translator: John Farndon, English

36th Marine Brigade took part in the battle for Mariupol which went on for 82 days. The Brigade sustained heavy losses and later was surrounded. The commander had to send to battle every able-bodied parson, both the main and the auxiliary personnel, including the entire brass band.

Main character of the play is a trumpeter whose call sign, naturally, is Trumpeter. He is the sole survivor out of the band. Actually, the Trumpeter is not your ordinary performer. A graduate from the composers department of a conservatory, he is the Creator. All throughout the show, the Trumpeter is searching for the formula of harmony of war and dreaming of writing the Symphony of War.

A conflicted creative person, he is torn inside, caught in the battle between creativity and the destructive essence of the war. Eventually, he comes to realize there can be no formula of harmony of war, because the war stands for cacophony, a state totally devoid of harmony.

Dramatic events of the defense of Mariupol deserve to be depicted in art, same as the events of the Trojan War, World War 1, World War 2 and other major battles.

monodrama, 1 Act1 M
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