Bento Bontjevs Klass

Orignal title: Клас Бенто Бончєва, 2011Translator: Mikael Nydahl, Svenska

The Bulgarian exchange student Bento Bonchev, who identifies as male because he once took a sex-education class, is obsessed with sex. He can’t get enough of talking about it with friends, lovers, professors, and journalists. His interest and fascination is a life-long affair that brings about six children, a loving wife, and a reputation as a famous philosopher of love - a concept that the sage himself utterly refuses to accept as an emotion that actually exists in the futuristic world of this play. “Love was invented to improve Christmas sales figures,” declares Bento. But how, then, does Bento’s wife Sandy, a famed actress, so convincingly play love scenes on stage? “She’s a real professional,” Bento explains, “we spend a lot of time in rehearsals.”

Eccentric comedy and romantic drama5 M, 5 F, Crowd
42 pages / 11757 words

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