Mikael Nydahl

Mikael Nydahl, born 1973 in Malmö, literary translator, publisher and founder of Ariel förlag, Sweden, 2020–2021 teacher in literary translation from Russian at HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design at the University of Gothenburg. Interested in translation and publication as forms of activism and practical solidarity. Co-editor and co-translator of the literary anthologies ”Ett år i Belarus. Röster inifrån en folkresning” (”One Year in Belarus. Voices from the Inside of an Uprising”, 288 pp, Atlas förlag), published in August 2021 and ”Under Ukrainas öppna himmel. Röster ur ett krig” (”Under the Open Sky of Ukraine. Voices from a War”, 288 pp, Ariel förlag) in August 2022. Co-initiator of the project ”Ukraina berättar” (”Ukraine Speaks”), running since the summer of 2022, a combined residency and translations programme, offering Ukrainian playwrights residencies at Rikstolvan in the south of Sweden and commissioning translations of contemporary Ukrainian drama into Swedish.