Orignal title: КИЦЬКА НА СПОГАД ПРО ТЕМІНЬ, 2015Translator: Minka Paraskevova, Български (Bulgarian)

This play is about the women in the actual hybrid war on Donbass region that Russian Federation began against Ukraine after the victory of the Ukrainian Revolution of the Dignity (Maidan) and the occupation of the Crimea. It was written based on different real stories, events, facts. However, this is not a documentary theater, but an art version of the author, the feelings of this war. The main heroine - a refugee from Donbass, who was a volunteer, survived the captivity and the escape, lost her home, work, town, friends - all her "small world". All that she has that left of this world - three orphaned kittens, which she is selling during the play - white, gray and black. These are three steps of immersion in the "theme", in the horror of the war with its cruelty and meekness, despondency and dirt. The idea of the title originated from the phrase of real person Irina Dovgan, who survived the captivity and the torture of the soldier from Russia, about him: "In his eyes I saw the eyes of the darkness..."

A woman in dark glasses is selling orphaned kittens – a white, a gray and a black one – all what is left of her house and quiet life… One can take off the dark glasses but the darkness stays on… How does one survive a disaster – the captivity, days on the run, the death or treason?… Who will pick the black kitten?

Stage productions took place at Volodymyr Zavalnyuk’s “Peretvorennya” Theatre and Kherson Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after Mykola Kulish. Stage production in English took place in Washington, DC. (USA).

Publication: AnthologyMaidan. Before and after”. Printed by: “Svit znan”, project of Les Kurbas National Center of Theater Arts. K.: 2016.

Donbas farewell monologue, 1 Act0 M, 1 F, 0 kids
15 pages / 7236 words

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