Orignal title: OTVETKA @ UA, 2017Translator: John Farndon, English

The main character is drinking coffee, trying to come to senses after a disaster, thinking what to do with an unborn child, how to deal with herself, what to do about the music and an invitation to a wedding as a bridesmaid. She is no longer able to be a friend, and what to do with this whole world anyway? For the war goes on – a big hybrid one, a world war. To survive, she needs a “payback”.

Dedication to Vasyl Slipak, an opera singer, call sign “Myth”. Stage productions in the VIE Municipal Theatre (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine) and the Sherehiy Brothers Theatre (Uzhgorod, Ukraine). Online readings in English took place at Finborough Theatre (London, UK).

Publication: Anthology “Labyrinth of Ice and Fire”. Printed by: “Smoloskyp”, project of Les Kurbas National Center of Theater Arts. K.: 2019.

Mono bomb, 1 Act, 1 F
19 pages / 11015 words