Orignal title: Двійники, 2014Translator: Małgorzata Buchalik, Polski

Two girls - Teresa and Beata find themselves in a large shopping center in Kiev, are represented by people as beggars from Transcarpathia, Kosovo refugees, or migrants from Donbass. Ilyusha unexpectedly joins them, presenting himself as a "Kyiv major with an apartment and a car." Teresa and Beata's aggressive and provocative behavior leads to the fact that they want to call the police, but the girls have a bag on wheels, where they will drive all their open opponents. The situation is getting out of hand in the cinema. There is no more room for new people in the bag. As a result, the bag ruptures. A fire breaks out in the mall. It turns out that for the girls, who are well-off, the adventures in the mall were fun, and Ilyush was imprisoned because he only pretended to be rich. The girls continue to communicate on Facebook, but they are growing and Teresa and Beata are again agreeing to go and have fun in the supermarket.

Tragicomedy, 1 Act3 M, 5 F
24 pages / 7678 words

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