Three Rendezvous

Orignal title: Три рандеву, 2022Translator: John Freedman, Natalia Bratus, English

Three brief, semi-independent, but partially interlocking, scenes taking place in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. 1) a pair of lovers attempts to have cyber sex over the internet as bombs fall where he is, and their child bangs at the door where she is. On the other side of the door with the child are five women chatting about dinner and war. 2) Two men feeling alienated by the war chat awkwardly in a cafe. 3) A dashing man in Vienna is intrigued by a beautiful Ukrainian woman whom he follows and is horrified to see that she is engaging in an extreme protest against the war. 

Drama, 1 Act5 M, 7 F
5 pages / 1885 words