Orignal title: Ікс-надцятеро в пошуках сенсів, 2023Translator: Anna Daskaliuk, Deutsch

"X-teen in Search of Meaning" (title in German - Xzehn auf der Suche nach Sinn) is a play created under the leadership of chief playwright Oksana Maslova by 10 children from different regions of Ukraine who received temporary shelter in Austria. 

The play was created as part of the Young Drama. Exploring new meanings laboratory. The project was supported by the Section for Art and Culture, the Bundesministerium for Art, Culture, Public Service, and Sport. Supported by the Jungle Theater (Vienna, Austria).

The aim of the Young Drama. Exploring new meanings Laboratory is to create an artistic reflection in a safe space about the challenges faced by children from Ukraine who have fled from war and resettled in EU.

Authors: Zakhar Bazdyr, Sofia Bayda, Sofia Vdovenko, Maria Donets, Artem Zhmudenko, Rodion Zenin, Demyan Ivanov, Artem Polishchuk, Lev Polishchuk, Oleksandr Prodan. Chief playwright — Oksana Maslova.

Fantasy drama, 1 Act7 M, 3 F
50 pages / 9151 words

Rightsholder contacts:

Oksana Maslova, chief playwright of the project: [email protected]